Sunday, February 21, 2010


I joined my first etsy team!
The etsy bloggers! Whoo. Very exciting, I know.

So finally after lots of hard work, my craft room is pretty much complete!
Here's the pics:

So, finally, I am all organized and ready to go. I organized everything, painted it Nightmare before christmas-like purple and topped it off with an Alice in Wonderland poster.
Is anyone else PUMPED for the premiere???

Anyways. I just finished making my tags for my plushies, and now i'm putting them on. Also, I just recently gave Oscar the Businessman Bunny a little update:

Very fresh, I think! Here is his listing on etsy -

Now, off to work on more plush ideas!


made by molly said...

Isn't it awesome to have a craft room? love the description on "Oscar the Bunny" on etsy!

Shore Debris said...

Your room looks great!

So much more organized than mine! I set off a bomb in mine two months ago. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it... dig far enough and you'll find the blast residue :)

Maddie said...

Haha mine was so bad, you couldnt see the floor. I work so much better in an organized room!