Monday, February 15, 2010

craft room makeover!

My craft room definitely needs a makeover, so its gonna happen. Its getting organized, shelves put in, and most of all PAINTED!
I'm gonna have a purple paint sorta like this color:

And the trim is going to be black.
(kinda nightmare before christmas-y themed!)
And we might do some black and white stripes on the ceiling.
 Here's the disorganized before pics! -

It looks pretty haggard right now, but by the end of the week it should be looking good. So keep looking back! If anyone has a light fixture idea, let me know! I'm looking for something creative to do!

Also, i've started on an alice in wonderland perler set.
But I dont know what to make the end products into, and i'm not sure I want to do magnets. If anyone has suggestions, comment!