Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring is in the air!

To mark the celebration, everything in my shop is 20% off today!!

So has everyone been enjoying the springtime lately? I went on a walk with my mom and puppy today and it was gorgeous out. I wish it would stay this way forever! No hotter, no colder. And that's, that.

Last night, the weather inspired me, and I made this cute little Lion-creature named Creamsicle!

Check out his listing here.

Pretty spring-y, eh?
Also, I just entered my first craft swap on! I'm pretty excited about it, it seems like fun! 

Something else that reminds me of spring has to be BUBBLE TEA!

If you haven't had it, it's like a tea slushie that comes in really good flavors, and they have little tapioca pearls at the bottom. I've been searching everywhere to get them, but I think I may end up making my own, so I found a recipe i'm going to share with you!

Here it is:
Classic Bubble Tea Recipe

1/2 cup chilled, cooked large tapioca pearls (if substituting smaller tapioca, use 1/3 cup)
1 cup crushed ice
1 cup very strong chilled black tea (or orange pekoe tea or Lichee tea)
1 cup milk, or to taste
Honey or sugar to taste

Place the pearls in a large parfait glass. Combine all remaining ingredients in a cocktail shaker, and shake vigorously until the mixture is frothy. Pour into the glass, and serve with extra-thick straws.
Yields one (16-ounce) drink.

You can also add flavors like strawberry, or blueberry or really anything you'd like! It's such a nice treat that's a lot healthier than soda!

So I leave you with a delicious recipe, go enjoy the springtime, and Happy St. Patrick's day!


I Heart X said...

I've been enjoying the spring as well! It even stops raining sometimes, (which is good, because my shoes have holes in them).

Also I have to let you know that I love you for posting a bubble tea recipe; I've always really wanted to try making my own!

(And I simply adore Creamsicle!)